Konserter i Göteborg, hitta biljetter att köpa

Hitta konserter, livemusik, festivaler och turnédatum i närheten av Göteborg: köp biljetter till 2023/2024 föreställningar.
  1. I Want Out
  2. Forever & One
  3. A Tale That Wasn't Right
Helloween Photo


  1. Enter Sandman (Remastered)
  2. Master of Puppets (Remastered)
  3. Nothing Else Matters (Remastered)
Metallica Photo


  1. I Wanna Be Somebody
  2. Wild Child
  3. Sleeping (In The Fire)
W.A.S.P. Photo


  1. Enter Sandman (Remastered)
  2. Master of Puppets (Remastered)
  3. Nothing Else Matters (Remastered)
Metallica Photo


  1. A Little Bit Off
  2. Bad Company
  3. Welcome To The Circus
Five Finger Death Punch Photo

Five Finger Death Punch

  1. Hammer Smashed Face
  2. Scourge of Iron
  3. I Cum Blood
Cannibal Corpse Photo

Cannibal Corpse

  1. A Grave Mistake
  2. Hip To Be Scared [Feat. Jacoby Shaddix]
  3. The Shower Scene
Ice Nine Kills Photo

Ice Nine Kills

  1. Hate To Say I Told You So
  2. Tick Tick Boom
  3. Come On!
The Hives Photo

The Hives

  1. When the Lights Are Down
  2. The Haunting (Somewhere in Time) [feat. Simone Simons]
  3. Forever
Kamelot Photo


  1. Still Counting
  2. A Warrior's Call
  3. For Evigt
Volbeat Photo


  1. Unchain My Soul
  2. My Funeral
  3. Let the Devil In
Dark Funeral Photo

Dark Funeral

  1. Vi Är På Riktigt
  2. Vinterland
  3. Some Die Young
Laleh Photo


  1. Real Love Baby
  2. Nancy From Now On
  3. Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
Father John Misty Photo

Father John Misty

  1. The Alphabet of Me
  2. Cockroach King
  3. Nightingale
Haken Photo


  1. Dance With Somebody - Radio Version
  2. Strövtåg i hembygden
  3. Down in the Past
Mando Diao Photo

Mando Diao

  1. Megalomaniac
  2. A Drug Against War
  3. Professional Killer


  1. Desert Cruiser
  2. Mind Control
  3. Calm Before the Storm
Truckfighters Photo


  1. Monochrome
  2. The Coma Machine
  3. Foam Born (A) The Backtrack
Between the Buried and Me Photo

Between the Buried and Me

  1. Blues Deluxe
  2. Drive
  3. That's What Love Will Make You Do
Joe Bonamassa Photo

Joe Bonamassa

  1. Moonflowers Bloom in Misery
  2. Falling World
  3. New Moon
Swallow the Sun Photo

Swallow the Sun

  1. If I Had A Heart
  2. Keep The Streets Empty For Me
  3. Carbon Dioxide
Fever Ray Photo

Fever Ray

  1. A Grave Mistake
  2. Hip To Be Scared [Feat. Jacoby Shaddix]
  3. The Shower Scene
Ice Nine Kills Photo

Ice Nine Kills

  1. Vart jag mig i världen vänder
  2. Svalkar vinden
  3. Indie Train
Den svenska björnstammen Photo

Den svenska björnstammen

  1. Living in America
  2. Painted By Numbers
  3. Tony the Beat
The Sounds Photo

The Sounds

  1. Lilla Björn Och Lilla Tiger
  2. Herrarna I Sandlådan
  3. När Världssamvetet Tog Semester
Charta 77 Photo

Charta 77

  1. När vi två blir en
  2. Sommartider
  3. Ljudet av ett annat hjärta - 7" Single
Gyllene Tider Photo

Gyllene Tider

  1. Forever Angel
  2. Hey Hey My My
  3. Oceans of Time
Axel Rudi Pell Photo

Axel Rudi Pell

  1. Det kommer aldrig va över för mig
  2. Valborg
  3. Jag vill bara va med dej
Håkan Hellström Photo

Håkan Hellström

  1. Always on My Mind - 2003 Remaster
  2. West End Girls - 2018 Remaster
  3. It's a Sin - 2018 Remaster
Pet Shop Boys Photo

Pet Shop Boys

  1. Comunque
  2. Bella da lontano
  3. Campari e pagherò
Nestor Photo


  1. Raggarrock (Pojkarna som busar)
  2. Ragnar
  3. En gång är ingen gång
Björn Rosenström Photo

Björn Rosenström

  1. In A Big Country
  2. Look Away
  3. In A Big Country - Radio Edit
Big Country Photo

Big Country

  1. Making Luv To The Beat (feat. T.I. & DJ E-Feezy) - MERCE Remix
  2. There You Are
  3. Stretch 2-3-4 (feat. Pharrell Williams)
The Watch Photo

The Watch

  1. Spread My Ashes on the Highway
  2. Mack
  3. Hell Yeah
Bob Wayne Photo

Bob Wayne

  1. Narcissist
  2. The Black Sheep
  3. Thy Serpent's Tongue
Kataklysm Photo


  1. Whip It
  2. Uncontrollable Urge
  3. Puppet Boy
Devo Photo


  1. Blue
  2. Save It For A Rainy Day
  3. Quiet Corners & Empty Spaces
The Jayhawks Photo

The Jayhawks

  1. Might Be on Fire
  2. So Fine
  3. Tellin' U (Pat Lok Remix)
LOK Photo


  1. Teenage Kicks
  2. Here Comes the Summer - Single Version
  3. My Perfect Cousin
The Undertones Photo

The Undertones

  1. Apple Buttering Buttholes
  2. Express Lane
  3. Geoff vs. Onions, Round 1
Geoff Tate Photo

Geoff Tate

  1. My Will Be Done
  2. Zombie Autopilot
  3. The Great Dividers
Unearth Photo


  1. A Drop in the Ocean
  2. A Drop In the Ocean
  3. A Drop In the Ocean
Ron Pope Photo

Ron Pope

  1. You Look Good in Neon
  2. Hour on the Hour
  3. The Way
Mike and the Moonpies Photo

Mike and the Moonpies

  1. Runaway
  2. Laps Around The Sun
  3. Gone (The Pocahontas Song)
Ziggy Alberts Photo

Ziggy Alberts

  1. Born from the Serpent's Eye
  2. Mountain Magick
  3. The Old Ones Are with Us
Wolves in the Throne Room Photo

Wolves in the Throne Room

  1. Lessons In Love
  2. Something About You - 7" Version
  3. Running In The Family - 7" Version
Level 42 Photo

Level 42

  1. The Whole of the Moon - 2004 Remaster
  2. Fisherman's Blues (by Mike Scott/Steve Wickham) [Waking Ned]
  3. How Long Will I Love You - 2008 Remaster
The Waterboys Photo

The Waterboys

  1. Rouge
  2. En dålig dag är också bra
  3. In i din famn
Franska Trion Photo

Franska Trion

De mest kända spelplatserna för liveshower i Göteborg

  1. Pustervik
  2. Ullevi
  3. Musikens Hus
  4. Restaurang Trädgårn
  5. Brewhouse
  6. Valand
  7. Partille arena
  8. Partille Arena
  9. Trädgår'n
  10. Scandinavium
  11. Gothenburg Studios
  12. banana pier
  13. Götheborg of Sweden
  14. Kungsbacka Teater
  15. Wine Mechanics
  16. Jazzklubben Nefertiti
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