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Hur lång är konserten? They Might Be Giants kommer att vara på scenen i ungefär 2:25. Här är den sannolika setlistan baserad på tidigare konserter (99% sannolikhet):

Titel på låten
  1. Flood cover Minimum Wage
  2. Flood cover Dead
  3. Book cover Moonbeam Rays
  4. The Else cover The Mesopotamians
  5. Lincoln cover Ana Ng
  6. The Spine cover Museum of Idiots
  7. Flood cover Someone Keeps Moving My Chair
  8. Flood cover Letterbox
  9. Album Raises New And Troubling Questions cover Authenticity Trip
  10. Flood cover Twisting
  11. Flood cover We Want a Rock
  12. Flood cover Birdhouse in Your Soul
  13. Flood cover Your Racist Friend
  14. Flood cover Particle Man
  15. Flood cover Whistling in the Dark
  16. Book cover Synopsis for Latecomers
  17. Flood cover Lucky Ball and Chain
  18. no cover Stilloob
  19. Flood cover Hot Cha
  20. Join Us cover 2082
  21. John Henry cover Spy
  22. Flood cover Road Movie to Berlin
  23. Encore #1

  24. The Spine cover Damn Good Times
  25. Mink Car cover Wicked Little Critta
  26. Flood cover Women and Men
  27. Factory Showroom cover New York City
  28. Mink Car cover Man, It's So Loud in Here
  29. Glean cover Let Me Tell You About My Operation
  30. 16 Most Requested Songs Of The 1950s. Volume One cover Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (The Four Lads cover)
  31. Encore #2

  32. Flood cover Theme From Flood
  33. Encore #3

  34. Severe Tire Damage cover Doctor Worm
  35. Encore #4

  36. Apollo 18 cover Fingertips
  37. Encore #5

  38. Nanobots cover The Darlings of Lumberland

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